So what would you like to change in your sex life?

If you want your dilemma solving urgently then why wait? You deserve to feel satisfaction and
fulfilment in your sex life whether you are single or in a relationship. 

Almost 20 years in the sex industry as a glamour model, dancer, escort and currently Sexpert gives me plenty of hands on experience when it comes to the sex and intimacy side of things. Working in the industry means that I have experimented with all sorts of sex with both men and women from light bondage to strip tease, threesomes, foursomes, voyeurism, role-play to name but a few things.

Whatever your kink, desire or fantasy if I haven’t done it, you can bet I know someone that has. My experience means that I had to learn how to give and receive pleasure, and how to explore bodies in an intimate way creating a plethora of tantalizing toe-curling sensations, which means I know just what it is that men and women want in the bedroom. I’ve done the research for you!

Our Skype chats were empowering and you have changed the way I think about myself which in turn has meant a more active and mutually satisfying sex life with my partner, (for which he would like to express his personal thanks!  

– Tracy, London.


Let Me Help You If You…

• Maybe you’re worried you are doing something wrong or aren’t experienced enough
• Or you feel that you aren’t able to relax and fully enjoy intimacy and sex
• You could be wanting to spice up your sex life
• It could be that you are single and want to know how to pleasure yourself
• Perhaps you just want to know how to please him/her and give mind blowing sex
• Or maybe you want to experiment with your partner and you want to know how to broach the subject sensitively

And you can get me on the phone TODAY to help you achieve that – if you choose. Sometimes I might need 24 hours to reschedule my diary and juggle things around to accommodate you, however, that is how committed I am to helping you. I know what it is like to have burning questions and want them answered yesterday.

Option 1: Skype Session

Jackie from Jersey said
After various Skype consultations with you, my husband and I have more sex, he is absolutely thrilled with how things progressing (as am I!) thanks to you.

60 Minute Skype Session

Option 2: Email Advice

D. P from New York said
My confidence in the bedroom has grown rapidly in such a short space of time and I love finding new ways to please my beautiful lady.

3 Questions or Unlimited (1 month)

Option 3: Email & Skype

Tracy from London said
Our Skype chats were empowering and you have changed the way I think about myself which in turn has meant a more active and mutually satisfying sex life.

30 day unlimited email, 4 hours Skype

Option 4: One to One

Jay from Atlanta G.A said
To be able to discuss openly my fears about my bedroom performance with you without feeling awkward or embarrassed has been incredibly valuable.

1 hour (Nottingham) or 4 hours (Any city)

Held monthly in Nottingham, The Ultimate Pleasure Taster Class and The Ultimate Pleasure for Him, include teaching a discreet class of women and gay men tips from my 101 Sex Tips book and various tricks of the trade I learnt during my decade as an escort.

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