Has Your Relationship Ended This New Year Leaving you Feeling at an all Time Low?

January and February are the months that see divorce solicitors rubbing their hands together with glee, as they rake in the cash from the relationship catastrophes that are left in the wake of the New Year.


I do feel that guys particularly struggle when relationships end, because of their lack of support and the fact that they have been socially conditioned to bottle things up for fear as being seen as weak. This is one of the reasons the male suicide rate is so high – 8 out of 10 being male.


Not only can relationships break down because of undiagnosed mental health issues, they can also cause mental health issues. I know because I have been there. The only way to truly get over a relationship is to talk and seek support to work through the shattered confidence, anger, broken heart and fragile ego to name only a few of the emotional turmoils experienced when a relationship ends.


This is where I come in. Click this link to find out how I can help: http://www.thegreatbritishsexpert.co.uk/support-for-men/

Talking Therapy for Men
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Ultimate Pleasure Taster Class – 26th January

Sex education workshop… are you curious?

Guess who’s back? 


This is my first class of the year to perk you up and take away those January blues with a bit of blue.


If you’ve been before, come along again as those of you regulars know I always add new content and have new products to demo. If you’ve been before it’s £10.00 if not it’s just £20.00 for 2 hours of entertainment and education, and there are only 10 spaces available.


This event is for women and gay men of all ages (20-70 plus) both single and in relationships and all levels of experience.


A little bit about me… I’ve been in the sex industry for over 20 years and my mission for this workshop is to empower men and women, so that in our modern world they embrace their sexuality, feel confident in the bedroom and make talking about sex comfortable for everyone. From the feedback I have received so far, I’m pleased to report that I am achieving that, even with the most shyest and prudish 😉


I am currently featured as one of the Sexperts on Channel 5’s Sex Pod. As a sexpert I’ve sat alongside Rylan Clark on Big Brothers Bit on the Side, and my new book The Great British Sexpert’s Guide to Pleasing Your Men – 101 Sex Tips, is out now.


Think Ann Summers party, but without the tackiness. My ladies events are classy, educational and lots of fun.


Some of the things you will learn are:

  • masturbation techniques for him and her 
  • the art of edging to give enhance orgasm 
  • Professional blow and hand job techniques to drive him wild
  • how to use lube to enhance foreplay for you and him
  • how to use mild bondage techniques to tantalise, tease and elongate foreplay whilst you explore your partner from top to toe

Guests range from students, to business owners and retired, some single some in relationships and some married, so my events really are for everyone – regardless of experience.

For more details and to secure your place email me  Rebecca@rebeccadakin.com , and I’ll send you further information.

Social media:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GBSexpert/ (please like xo 😉
Snapchat – GBSexpert
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/gbsexpert/
Twitter https://twitter.com/GBSexpert
You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RebeccaGFE

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I talk BDSM and kinky sex with Calum McSwiggan

I talk sex with Calum McSwiggan

Last night I was invited to be a guest at Fubar radio for the You Tube sensation Ewan McSwiggan’s show. You can catch it here if you missed it… Calum McSwiggan show


He was eager to find out all about what my work entails and he was especially interested in my sex workshops the kinky devil 😉 I have 3 spaces left for my next class on the 26th January, contact me for more details. I cover bondage and masturbation techniques and much more, and introduce the latest in sex toys and accessories.


Calum wanted to ask me about how to bring up the subject of kinky sex with a new partner or one night stand. Good sex is all about communication, connection, chemistry and respecting your partner, so the best way to find out is to just ask . You don’t need to spend half an hour delving into the nuances of BDSM and bukkake however in between the kissing, foreplay and “tell me what you like”… you can drop in a few subtle questions to find out if they like a bit of kink…


Here’s 5 questions to ask to subtly find out if your partner likes a bit of kink…


1. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done sexually?
2. Have you ever been tied up/ blindfolded/ spanked?
3. Do you believe there is a fine line between pleasure and pain?
4. Have you ever heard of Fetlife? (A website community for all kinks)
5. What’s one of your sexual fantasies?


There are all sorts of kink not just BDSM, and whatever your fetish or fantasy is you can guarantee you won’t be the only one. Check out Fetlife to discover yours!


Check out my boutique for bondage accessories or contact me directly for advice on which to try 😉


My bondage tape is great fun for those who want to begin experimenting with blindfolding and tying up. It’s not sticky so you can use it anywhere on your face and body, it sticks to itself so it can be wrapped around and used for all sorts of fun! 

Tie and tease with bondage tape

Get yours here for just £5.99! : http://www.thegreatbritishsexpert.co.uk/product/bondage-tape/


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Break up January is here. Is your relationship safe?

Breakup January Divorce

Bitterly cold temperatures aren’t the only thing frosty about January and February. For many New Year = new partner! January is widely known as the “break-up” month because in relationships and marriages more couples split up then than at any other time of the year.

In particular divorce solicitors have named 3rd January divorce day and it is the first two months of the year that are their most busiest.

So how does one make sure that their relationship doesn’t end up as one of New Years fatalities?

The answer is keeping that connection and making sure the intimacy side of the relationship hasn’t waned after the busyness of Christmas and New Year.

That’s where I come in. I have been in the sex industry for over 20 years, 10 of those were spent working as an escort, during which time I learnt a lot about sexually pleasing both men and women. I am the author of two books The Girlfriend Experience and 101 Sex Tips.

5 Intimacy Tips for keeping things hot when the temperatures drop

1. Always make time for cuddles. All that body heat will make you feel warm and fuzzy
2. Flirt with your partner – it will make you both feel good
3. Go to bed when the kids go to bed or if you don’t have any take the opportunity for an early night and keep warm under the covers getting up to mischief
4. Massage warms your body up for both parties. Try a body to body massage with some warm massage candle oil
5. Lots of passionate kissing will keep the desire burning

There are more of my tips in my 101 Sex Tips book, and I’m also running a workshop on the 26th January in Nottingham where I will be teaching a small group of 10 women a variety of ‘tricks of the sex trade’ and sexual advice and tips on how to keep things spicy in the bedroom.

Contact me today to secure your place it’s just £20.00 for a 2 hour workshop.

Some of the things I teach with my flipchart and pointer are…

 *   Mild Bondage techniques designed to enhance and elongate foreplay
 *   Tips on masturbation for her and him
 *   Empowerment in the bedroom
 *   How to use sensory play to excite and tease

Quotes from ladies that have attended my classes:

“Think of an Ann Summers party but classy and educational as well as fun”

“Every modern, independent woman should attend one of Rebecca’s events which empower women of all ages”

“I’m shy and prudish and was very unsure what to expect however Rebecca completely put me at ease and made the subject of sex completely comfortable, accessible and fun”

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Rare Opportunity Today to do something that will make you feel amazing…

If you’re facing some challenges in your life right now, and are struggling physically and emotionally may I recommend you take the opportunity today or tomorrow to go and see this wonderful lady at East Bridgford Hill Hall in Nottingham


I had the most wonderful experience with her after a difficult relationship break up, and she gave me an enormous sense of well being and relief. Hence why I will never cease to sing the praises of this lady. This incredible lady is the one organising the Bali retreat I will be embarking on next month.

She’s over from Sweden and only here until tomorrow afternoon. If you’re interested to see her send me a an email or give me a call.

Sophia Magdelena
Sophia Magdelena



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Notts TV 6.30 Show tonight

I’m talking dating, mating and relating on Notts TV 6.30 show. What to do for nights in, nights out, and romantic gifts on Valentines day. No I didn’t try and plug any sex toys hehehe

Watch it or catch up on Demand here: https://nottstv.com/


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Santa’s naughty list – Adult gift ideas & Stocking Fillers

If you’re over 18 then the only list you wanna be on this Christmas is Santa’s naughty list!

I’ve been gathering and testing new products this week for my boutique, and there’s some very exciting new toys and sexy stuff.

Here are my 12 days of Christmas, 12 gift ideas for those who enjoy some adult fun.

Christmas is an extremely stressful time of year, so it is super important to make sure that you keep up the intimacy, flirting and sex going when you get the opportunity. Sex is a stress buster! And if you’re single this Christmas then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be having lots of fun too 😉

If you want to get your hands on any of the products I have mentioned in the video then contact me today as i’m back at the warehouse Thursday 15th picking up more orders.

Vibrators, books, games, love potions, lubes and bondage bits have all made my top 12 naughty gift ideas. Watch the video to find out more and find out about your special Christmas offer 🙂


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Giveaway – Free Signed Book Copies 101 Sex Tips & Ways to Please Your Man

The time has come! Finally my new sex tips book is out and available to buy from my Sexpert Boutique (and all good book shops :). However you may want to get your hands on a free one… and why wouldn’t you??

I’m giving away 5 signed copies, watch my video to find out what you need to do to be one of those 5 lucky people to get their hands on the very first copies of my book!

I’ve been sharing my tips and sex advice for years,  via my first book The Girlfriend Experience, some via my blog and social media however I have now collated my tips on sexually pleasing men in one book. This book is all about how to please your man, can you guess what my next one will be? I haven’t forgotten you ladies don’t worry. I know men need guidance too on how to please women.

Inspired by The Great British Bake Off GBBO I mix cake, sex and tea, in this sex tips book with a difference.


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