Anal Sex Guide – My 5 Top Sexpert Tips

Last night I was giving anal sex tips to Fubar’s dapper duo Mikill Payne and fellow Nottingham chap Reece Sanders! 

Firstly, I would like to point out that not everyone has and enjoys anal sex or even experiences it. There seems to be a bit of an obsession with it nowadays. It’s important not to feel pressured into trying it if it’s not something that appeals to you. 

Here are my 5 Tops Tips for beginner’s Anal Sex

  1. Always make sure you discuss and both agree wholly to trying the experience, rather than one person doing it reluctantly to please their partner
  2. The receiver should be the one totally in control, and needs to be able to communicate clearly what they find comfortable or not, to guide their partner
  3. Ideally you would experiment in the anus area with tongues, fingers or small butt plugs over a number of sessions before penis or strap on penetration 
  4. Lots of lube is required for penetration. Always. And penetration is only given when the receiver is fully relaxed – so lots of foreplay is advised 
  5. Be patient as the giver. This may be something you work up to over a number of bedroom sessions 

The best lubricants in my experience are ID lubricants. They win awards every year. You can get samples and buy water based regular and flavoured and silicone and anal lubes and beginners butt plugs directly from me. 

Contact me for details and to buy or purchase from my boutique: 

The Wetter the Better in my Boutique 😉 Click here…

Fubar radio talks anal Sex
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Sex Doll Brothel Opens in the North East – BBC Tees

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on BBC Tees discussing a sex doll brothel thats recently opened.

So is it cheating if you’re in a relationship and have sex with a sex doll? There’s an interesting concept and debate!

Whilst there is a place for sex dolls just like any other sex toy, the danger is that we become further and further removed from human contact and the turmoil of human emotions that go along with all relationships, both platonic and sexual, making us much like erm…. dolls :/

How will this affect men/women’s view of their expectations of women and for women how they feel about their bodies in a world where unrealistic fake proportions are becoming the norm?

See the full story here:

Catch the discussion tomorrow from 10.15am here:

Sex Doll Brothel
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I talk BDSM and kinky sex with Calum McSwiggan

I talk sex with Calum McSwiggan

Last night I was invited to be a guest at Fubar radio for the You Tube sensation Ewan McSwiggan’s show. You can catch it here if you missed it… Calum McSwiggan show


He was eager to find out all about what my work entails and he was especially interested in my sex workshops the kinky devil 😉 I have 3 spaces left for my next class on the 26th January, contact me for more details. I cover bondage and masturbation techniques and much more, and introduce the latest in sex toys and accessories.


Calum wanted to ask me about how to bring up the subject of kinky sex with a new partner or one night stand. Good sex is all about communication, connection, chemistry and respecting your partner, so the best way to find out is to just ask . You don’t need to spend half an hour delving into the nuances of BDSM and bukkake however in between the kissing, foreplay and “tell me what you like”… you can drop in a few subtle questions to find out if they like a bit of kink…


Here’s 5 questions to ask to subtly find out if your partner likes a bit of kink…


1. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done sexually?
2. Have you ever been tied up/ blindfolded/ spanked?
3. Do you believe there is a fine line between pleasure and pain?
4. Have you ever heard of Fetlife? (A website community for all kinks)
5. What’s one of your sexual fantasies?


There are all sorts of kink not just BDSM, and whatever your fetish or fantasy is you can guarantee you won’t be the only one. Check out Fetlife to discover yours!


Check out my boutique for bondage accessories or contact me directly for advice on which to try 😉


My bondage tape is great fun for those who want to begin experimenting with blindfolding and tying up. It’s not sticky so you can use it anywhere on your face and body, it sticks to itself so it can be wrapped around and used for all sorts of fun! 

Tie and tease with bondage tape

Get yours here for just £5.99! :


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Rare Opportunity Today to do something that will make you feel amazing…

If you’re facing some challenges in your life right now, and are struggling physically and emotionally may I recommend you take the opportunity today or tomorrow to go and see this wonderful lady at East Bridgford Hill Hall in Nottingham…/

I had the most wonderful experience with her after a difficult relationship break up, and she gave me an enormous sense of well being and relief. Hence why I will never cease to sing the praises of this lady. This incredible lady is the one organising the Bali retreat I will be embarking on next month.

She’s over from Sweden and only here until tomorrow afternoon. If you’re interested to see her send me a an email or give me a call.

Sophia Magdelena
Sophia Magdelena



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Notts TV 6.30 Show tonight

I’m talking dating, mating and relating on Notts TV 6.30 show. What to do for nights in, nights out, and romantic gifts on Valentines day. No I didn’t try and plug any sex toys hehehe

Watch it or catch up on Demand here:


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Awakening True Women Power: Opportunity to join me on a transformational journey to Bali

Awakening the sacred Feminine
Awakening the sacred Feminine

2017 is an exciting year for transformational and heightened levels of love.

Lets make 2017 all about ‘Woman Power’… Are you ready to receive the gift of love? Self-unconditional love?


It’s time for you to give yourself and your loved ones the one gift that will bring lasting peace, tranquility, love and happiness.

As women we often give selflessly to others often neglecting our own physical and emotional needs, and by doing so we actually deprive our loved ones!

To be able to give we need to be able to equally receive love, and it’s by doing that we create harmony, acceptance and peace in others and ourselves.

Perhaps you are a woman who is in a relationship that you know isn’t going anywhere, but you feel you don’t have the confidence to leave, even though you know you are not happy and/or the relationship is toxic.

It could be that you are in a wonderful relationship and may have a family however their feels like there is something missing, and you’re just not quite sure what, because on paper you ‘have it all’.

Maybe you’re a confident, independent woman who is focused on your career and goals however unlucky in love *raises hand* – yes even those of us in the relationship sector find ourselves busy sorting everyone else’s relationship out and neglecting our own.

From working in the industry I know that there are some ‘relationship with self’ blockages that I personally need clearing.

Maybe you’re lost in your work, love, home life and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and are seeking to feel content and happy and confident to make decisions and create opportunities that will help you move forwards in 2017.


2017 for me is going to be about exploring my Divine Feminine power and utilizing it for the benefit of my loved ones and myself.

It is going to be my gift to my loved ones and myself.

Bali Beach life
Bali Beach life


This year I am going on an exciting journey to Bali with the wonderful Sophia Magdelena to embrace and rejoice my feminine power. Will you join me on this transformational journey to Awaken the Sacred Feminine?

In a nutshell within a Safe and Sacred space, Sophia supports and guides you through a journey of building Trust, Intimacy, in Giving and Receiving Love Unconditionally and in choosing new paradigms of Sacred Relationships.

Each day in Bali brings the Body, the Spirit and the Conscious Mind into alignment with Movement, Meditation, and two workshop sessions a day with time to integrate and share what arises in sacred sharing circles.

We celebrate within the transformation of all negative beliefs into new frequencies of Love and Acceptance, Affirming the Truth of the Divine Feminine Essence.

And in doing so we clear, release judgements, and let go of false conditioned beliefs and emotions, giving us a feeling a lightness and freedom.

This allows us to be the true powerful creative being that we are, with unlimited possibilities and choices.

It’s so important to invest in our mental health and wellbeing. Statistics show that one in 3 people are affected by some kind of mental illness whether it’s stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, O.C.D., B.D.D., panic attacks, with many people undiagnosed and/or in denial.

In this busy stressful time of technology and fast living, this is the ultimate experience in self-development, guaranteed to give you an enormous sense of well-being.

Bali retreat

We can all have a holiday, which acts as a temporary fix, however it doesn’t bring lasting happiness it just offers temporary respite. Ultimately we are all looking for lasting happiness and this is how powerful and transformational this retreat in Bali is…. I’m ready, are you?


I’ll be doing Vlogs and more social media in the coming months so keep a look out. And don’t hesitate to contact me or Sophia if you have any questions at all.

Dates for your diary are: 11th-24th April. I would love you to join me 🙂 Sign into Facebook to see full details of the event here: Awakening True Women Power

You can find out more about Sophia Magdelena here:

Next week I will be following up this blog with a video, so keep a look out… This amazing woman has ignited a spark in me and I can’t wait to share my journey with you 🙂

The radiant Sophia Magdelena
Sophia Magdelena





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Santa’s naughty list – Adult gift ideas & Stocking Fillers

If you’re over 18 then the only list you wanna be on this Christmas is Santa’s naughty list!

I’ve been gathering and testing new products this week for my boutique, and there’s some very exciting new toys and sexy stuff.

Here are my 12 days of Christmas, 12 gift ideas for those who enjoy some adult fun.

Christmas is an extremely stressful time of year, so it is super important to make sure that you keep up the intimacy, flirting and sex going when you get the opportunity. Sex is a stress buster! And if you’re single this Christmas then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be having lots of fun too 😉

If you want to get your hands on any of the products I have mentioned in the video then contact me today as i’m back at the warehouse Thursday 15th picking up more orders.

Vibrators, books, games, love potions, lubes and bondage bits have all made my top 12 naughty gift ideas. Watch the video to find out more and find out about your special Christmas offer 🙂


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Bondage: I get tied up by Jack the Whipper Japanese Bondage stylee Kinbaku

I’m going to be bringing you a series of videos where I explore sexuality and different kinks by some of the countries leading experts in sexuality and kink, and here I introduce you to my first.

At Sexhibition in Manchester I experienced one of Jack the Whippers bondage classes, and it certainly was an eye opener. His knotting skills were exemporary, and he embodied the artistry of Japanese rope bondage. As a fellow martial artist I respected his skill and assertiveness and he tied me up good and proper like a hog roast! You will see the care he takes with every line of rope. There are no twists no rope is out of line, the symmetry was pleasing to the eye and although i couldn’t move a micro milimeter I felt secure and packaged neatly. The rope gave me a feeling of comfort, almost like I was being hugged. I felt safe.

Bondage might seem weird or extreme to some people however there is something exciting and erotic about being tied. It gives you the opportunity to explore boundaries, create anticipation, explore your submissive or dominant side (which must only be done between people who respect each other and trust implicitly). Bondage is a unique and powerful experience that takes sex and intimacy to a whole new level. It opens up a plethora of possibilities for sensual exploration both emotional and imaginative.

There are still people that feel a level of guilt or shame around sex and being tied up is one way to explore relinquishing the guilt, by being tied up. The knots and rope can be used in a sensual way to create friction on nipples, around the vagina, balls and perineum, add in a vibrator and the vibrations will travel down the rope for a unique sensation.

I hope you enjoy the video demo, if you do please like, share and subscribe, there’s more coming very soon!

If you want to try out some mild bondage with ‘tie and tease’ just bring an element of restriction into play with either cuffs, restraints and/or blindfolds then check out my boutique for a few ides to get you started. If you have any questions about the products don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

Handcuffs, blindfolds and more kink here..

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