Are we failing the new generation of children and young adults with the lack of factual information about sex, intimacy and relationships? In my opinion, absolutely! 

Please call into the show or tweet me @lbc @gbsexpert with your questions and opinions. 

Children are being educated by porn as young as 8 years old. We need to counteract the message they are receiving about sex from porn.

Aside from teaching children about their bodies and those of the opposite sex and  how to embrace and love their bodies instead of wanting to change or ‘enhance’ them, there’s also gender, sexuality issues, and and the bullying that can happen with people that don’t fit what many people view as socially acceptable. 

For me sex education it’s part of a much bigger picture – it’s about self esteem, self worth, confidence building, recognising Body dysmorphia and other mental health conditions that can affect how people view themselves and how they form relationships.

Also the education should be about looking at what constitutes as a healthy relationship, and how to avoid toxic relationships and noticing the signs of mental and physical abuse. 

There is no reason why Sex education in this wider scope can’t be brought into primary schools. 

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Sex education with Lucy Beresford Lbc radio
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Notts TV 6.30 Show tonight

I’m talking dating, mating and relating on Notts TV 6.30 show. What to do for nights in, nights out, and romantic gifts on Valentines day. No I didn’t try and plug any sex toys hehehe

Watch it or catch up on Demand here:


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New Series of Sex Pod starts weekly tonight – 5 Star 10pm or catch it online

Tonight myself and other Sex Experts face a new batch of youngsters and as we give them open and frank sex advice and answer all their questions about sex. If you haven’t seen it yet, then do have a watch. It’s aimed at 18-25 year olds and covers both straight and gay/lesbian sex advice, however everyone can learn something. There are explicit sex demonstrations (check out the video here for an idea of what to expect featuring he stunning Chloe Davis) so you actually get to see our advice in action 😉 This is a ground breaking sex education show like no other. If you miss it you can catch up online here:

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Santa’s naughty list – Adult gift ideas & Stocking Fillers

If you’re over 18 then the only list you wanna be on this Christmas is Santa’s naughty list!

I’ve been gathering and testing new products this week for my boutique, and there’s some very exciting new toys and sexy stuff.

Here are my 12 days of Christmas, 12 gift ideas for those who enjoy some adult fun.

Christmas is an extremely stressful time of year, so it is super important to make sure that you keep up the intimacy, flirting and sex going when you get the opportunity. Sex is a stress buster! And if you’re single this Christmas then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be having lots of fun too 😉

If you want to get your hands on any of the products I have mentioned in the video then contact me today as i’m back at the warehouse Thursday 15th picking up more orders.

Vibrators, books, games, love potions, lubes and bondage bits have all made my top 12 naughty gift ideas. Watch the video to find out more and find out about your special Christmas offer 🙂


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My Sexpert advice in this weeks Reveal on how Katie Price can get her sex life back on track

Check out this weeks Reveal for my Sexpert advice on Katie Price and Kieran Haylers relationship.

Infidelity is challenging for any relationship, however add in being betrayed by your two best friends and finding out your partner has a sex addiction, and that infidelity is magnified to a level to cause maximum emotional turmoil.

It’s not surprising that Katie and Kieran’s relationship hasn’t fully recovered from both of these challenging situations. A healthy relationship is based on trust, and without that you are left with various levels of a toxic relationship. By toxic I mean one that is emotionally damaging to everyone in it.

Kieran is still being punished for his behaviour, (however lets remember that most couples wouldn’t survive this level of betrayal). Katie is a fighter and she wants to fix things and make them right, she doesn’t want another relationship to fail. This is a feeling myself and many will relate to, especially those like Katie who are very successful in so many other areas of their lives.

The power balance has always been out of synch with Katie playing the dominant role from the beginning (which unconsciously many successful women do), and guys can feel intimidated and emasculated by this. His sex addiction and messing around with her best friends gave him a feeling of being in control, feeling powerful whilst offering a temporary release from the pressure of trying to live up to the percieved expectations of Katie and trying to maintain some of his masculinity.

Neither party is getting their needs met currently, so to move forwards they have to communicate their needs candidly, support each other and unite, and this needs to be done behind closed doors.

People want to be around people that make them feel good, so if Kieran either has his own insecurities and/or feels like Katie makes him feel not good enough, he will be withdrawing more and more into himself if he feels like he has no one to talk to. I imagine that he is feeling quite lonely right now. Katie’s outlet is to publically talk about their sex life and her distrust in her talks, interviews and books, however he has no outlet for his feelings. Every time Katie talks about Kieran’s infidelity, she relives, reaffirms it and this keeps the anger alive and very much in the present.

The problem is to move forwards she has to fully and wholly forgive him and let go, and she’s not ready to do that yet, and may never be ready to.

True forgiveness is key, combined with compassion and love. I really wish them both the very best.




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Giveaway – Free Signed Book Copies 101 Sex Tips & Ways to Please Your Man

The time has come! Finally my new sex tips book is out and available to buy from my Sexpert Boutique (and all good book shops :). However you may want to get your hands on a free one… and why wouldn’t you??

I’m giving away 5 signed copies, watch my video to find out what you need to do to be one of those 5 lucky people to get their hands on the very first copies of my book!

I’ve been sharing my tips and sex advice for years,  via my first book The Girlfriend Experience, some via my blog and social media however I have now collated my tips on sexually pleasing men in one book. This book is all about how to please your man, can you guess what my next one will be? I haven’t forgotten you ladies don’t worry. I know men need guidance too on how to please women.

Inspired by The Great British Bake Off GBBO I mix cake, sex and tea, in this sex tips book with a difference.


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Condom Challenge

Safe sex is of paramount importance, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon with the condom challenge giving it my own unique twist to try and reach the masses and spread the word. Never go in without a Skin!

Men and women carrying condoms and using them for sex, shows that they are educated and sexually mature enough to know the importance of not only avoiding unwanted pregnancy but also minimising the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. It is neither the responsibility of the man or woman to carry condoms it’s the responsibility of everyone engaging in sex.

I was a promiscuous young teenager who basically couldn’t be bothered to use condoms, something feel a little sad about now at 40 years old having borne no children. My lack of fertility could be due to the fact that for 5 years from the age of 15, I engaged in sex with multiple partners, unprotected and repeatedly went to the clinic to find that I was constantly contracting Chlamydia. Chlamydia is known to affect fertility and can make you infertile, and I knew that yet thought like many, that it wouldn’t happen to me. This might not seem that big a deal when you are younger, however trust me, in 10/20 years time you may think differently.

I didn’t want guys to reject me, so never suggested using condoms unless they did. I foolishly put their gratification, and my need for acceptance, attention and ‘love’, above my wellbeing. It was not a smart thing to do.

Check out my video and see how quickly I can put a condom on with my mouth! There is no excuse for it killing the moment, and if he doesn’t want you to wear one, then he doesn’t care about you. Fact!

If you like the video please share it so I can help spread the word about the importance of safe sex.


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Who will be Crowned the Winning Couple on ITV2’s Love Island 2016

Well it has been quite a season of Love Island we’ve had highs and we’ve had pies, we’ve had tantrums and teasing, confused and bemused, and lots of saucy bedroom action!

My prediction for the shows winners are Cara and Nathan with Cady and Scott as a very close second. Cara and Nathan haven’t had much recent air time so lets hope that people still remember that they have been the strongest most consistent couple in there.

Here are my thoughts on the final couples…

Olivia and Alex:
Poor Alex has been given a hard time. Yes he failed the lie detector however what I see from him is a genuine kind hearted lad who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. He has a connection and feelings for Olivia, although I expect they will end up more as friends. If they do make a go of things romantically then Olivia needs to trust him and not let her past demons sabotage her relationship.

Cara and Nathan:
Although a strong couple inside the house once they leave Cara may try and tame Nathan’s wild partying ways, and if he’s not ready to be tamed then their relationship will  stand no chance whatsoever. Cara is in  danger of unconsciously stepping into a motherly role and nagging at him if she’s not careful, this would lead to his his rebellious side coming out in full force and she would end up pushing him away.

Cady and Scott:
Outside of the house their relationship will be extremely volatile, and simply won’t be sustainable, although it will be passionate and fiery and they will have some fun times, however especially on nights out once lubricated with alcohol they will have some nasty arguments. Scotts jealousy and distrust will mean there will be lots of drama. Scott has already said he doesn’t trust Cady, and without trust in a relationship, what have you got? Nada. Cady is too young to think about settling down she should be finding out more about herself before she settles. Cady and Scott are at different stages in their lives wanting different things, this will be apparent when they leave.

Terry and Emma:
It is pretty clear to everyone, and even Emma is now realising it, that these guys have no future as a couple. They are both strong characters who like to be in control so outside of the house they will clash big time. Terry will want to be footloose and fancy free to enjoy the attention from the ladies when he gets out. And whey the hell not? That’s what they should all be doing!

Adam and Katie:
This couple I am seeing mixed signals from. They undoubtedly have a connection and you can see how they totally get each others banter, however the kiss that he gave her was not the passionate kiss he reported. I don’t know if there’s an element of him being shy being intimate around the cameras, however it could mean he sees her more of a friend. If they do make a go of it, then this is the couple I think will have the strongest chance of a relationship, despite only officially being together a matter of days.

I wish them all the very best because they have been fantastic to watch!

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Watch it here:

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What are fanny farts [Queefing] and how to prevent them – Sex Education

This video was inspired by Sexpod. If you haven’t seen this frank open sex education programme, catch it in the UK, on Wednesdays 5Star 10pm.

If you are a straight, bi or lesbian woman or a straight or bi guy then fanny farts will be something you have most probably experienced. They are completely normal, and they are not real farts, there are no gasses. It is pure air so they do not smell! They are also generally caused by the giver and not the receiver of sex.

What exactly are they? Why are they so embarrassing? And how can you prevent them?

I answer all those questions and more here in this video.


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