New book reviews…

Hi Rebecca,
I just wanted to e-mail you to you to let you know how much i enjoyed your book. After first meeting you on Twitter , i have since enjoyed reading your blogs at your website & i knew i would enjoy your story.. But i only truly became aware of your unique world when you let me know about a television debate hosted by John Stapleton, which i watched with great interest, where you were subjected to questioning about your profession by a host of guests with a very stereotypical view of escorting. Your arguement was solid, concise, well founded & i felt you held herself elegantly during what seemed to be a very one sided debate. This compelled me to read your book, “The Girlfriend Experience” which i thought would educate me further  and lay to rest any doubts i may have about how an escort should be perceived.
I myself, do not read regularly, but without any effort became completely absorbed by your story & found it hard to put down. Aside of the fascinating subject matter, it becomes very apparent early on that you are a truly genuine person, warm, honest & that you took your profession very seriously. The book took me on a fascinating journey of your personal life, from childhood through to present day whilst cleverly interweaving your escorting experiences, which gave me a real insight into the business & how a true professional has survived & succeeded. Your sense of humour  leaps from the pages & keeps the reader entertained , but  as your story unfolds, began to admire your bravery, strength of character & the layout of each chapter invites you to question your own perceptions of what “The Girlfriend Experience” is all about.. Most importantly, even if not intended, this book also provides a real guide for anyone who may be considering a life in escorting, & i feel your knowledge could prove to be valuable reading for some.
On finishing your book, i felt educated, inspired & genuine affection for you as the authoress, you made me smile & think.. a good combination!
Hi i already have your book and its so brilliant I think your amazing and your site is fab really like the blogs aswell. I am following you on twitter please can you follow me back on
I also got a text message this morning from my salon owner friend Mel…
”Got a lady in at the minute she was here when you popped in once, she has read your book and loved it! She said it’s one of those books you can’t put down! She was reading it at every chance cus she’s got 3 kids lol, she said she found it very interesting and she thought it was surreal reading the stories after seeing you in here xx’
I also have new reviews on Amazon…
A lovely lady called Sarah added feedback about my book to this thread on my blog…
Thanks so much to everyone for their positive feedback, it’s very much appreciated 🙂 xxx
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The Girlfriend Experience Book Party!

Ann Summers parties are sooo last year! The Girlfriend Experience book parties are the new thing for 2010 ;-p lol

The other Friday evening I went to my friends salon. Great salon btw! Limelite hairdressing in Nottingham, that’s LIMELITE hairdressing (shameless plug ;-p) Over the past few months my friends  Mel and Jenny who own a hairdressing salon have been regaling their clients with funny and shocking stories from my book – The Girlfriend Experience, and even letting them read a quick paragraph here and there, before whipping it away and saying if they wanted to read more they’d have to buy a copy. (Thanks ladies XXX) Thanks to them I have sold a number of copies to their clients 🙂 In fact there was so much interest that I suggested I went to the salon one evening to chat about my book, sign any copies that people had bought that hadn’t been signed, and sell further copies.

Around 12-14 people turned up to hear me talk and listen to stories I’d written about in my book. We had wine and nibbles to help things along 🙂 Many ladies had questions, and everyone seemed genuinely interested. I sold quite a few copies of my book and the evening was a success and lots of fun.

Some of the feedback I got from the evening was…

Mel, salon owner – ‘I thought the night was great because I have already read the book, so when you were telling us stories that are in the book it made the book seem even more real! I never stopped laughing! I loved the Fish Face story! It was a fun night of girls talking about girlie stuff and naughty stuff ;-p haha!’

Samantha, guest – ‘I didn’t know you but I knew all about you from Mel and Jenny! I saw Mel chuckling and reading your book as she was on reception when I arrived in the salon one day, and I was intrigued. She told me about your life as an escort and even let me read a few paragraphs from the book. I was amused and fascinated, and bought a copy there and then. When I heard that you were going to be coming to the salon, I couldn’t wait to get the opportunity to meet you in person, because I had lots of questions I wanted to ask. So for me the evening was fun and interesting.’

Karen, guest – ‘I bought a copy of your book before the Limelite do and although I was thoroughly enjoying it I hadn’t quite finished reading it. It was fantastic to hear you talking and to listen to some of the stories from the book. They were funny when I read them, but even funnier when I heard you tell them in person! I couldn’t wait to finish the book, and I went home and finished it the very next day. I was actually disappointed when I finished it. When’s book 2 out? 🙂 It was great to meet you!’

Laura, guest  ‘I’m not usually a reader but my sister who knows you isn’t a reader either had read it and raved about it, so I just had to read it too! I have two children so it took a while for me to get the opportunity to finish it, but I thought it was fantastic, and soooo interesting. I laughed out loud at some of the stories you told, and even grossed out my partner by reading some out to him. The evening at the salon was great fun :)’

Michelle, guest ‘I didn’t know much about you or the book, but I had a great time on Friday. It certainly made a change for a night out 🙂 It was thoroughly entertaining. Thank you for signing me a copy of your book. I can’t wait to read it! Especially after meeting you. Well done for getting a book published!’

Sarah, guest ‘ Loved the book and the evening at Limelite was fab! When’s book 2 out? I really enjoyed the diary entries. You’re so brave! x’

I currently have another 2 salons interested in me doing a similar thing, so I plan to do more nights like this.

If there is anyone that would like me to talk at their work place and think that they can get a good crowd together then please email me at  It can be any company/business.


Update… I have my second book party arranged for another Nottingham salon on the 4th March 🙂

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Listen to my interview with Al Needham about my book…

10 December 2009, 12:05:13Rebecca
Here’s the audio clip of my first live public appearance talking about my book. If you remember I talked at the Left Lion Extravaganza here in Nottingham on the 3rd October. Here I openly discuss with Al my reasons for writing my book, my job as an escort, the misconceptions about my job and lastly questions were opened up to the audience. Out of all the interesting questions I got asked and further ones I could have been asked, one lady asked if I paid tax! Lol. Answer was yes btw 🙂 She was an accountant haha 🙂 PS – note the Bach’s Rescue Remedy Spray in the yellow bottle! Lol. yes I was very nervous.

Left Lion Interview
Al Needham Nottingham’s Mr Sex – here’s his blog – top bloke

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Erotica This weekend!

25 November 2009, 11:12:51

Olympia at Earls Court

I’ll be on George Mccoy’s stand (G10) selling signed copies of my book (tomorrow) Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd.

Anybody that hasn’t been before it’s great fun for adults. Lots of stands with fashion, fetish, lingerie, erotic books (I know a good one, The Girlfriend Experience hehe ; -p) There’s also porn, toys, fun sexy stuff and erotic art, sculpture and photography.

Please feel free to come and say hi 🙂

Update – thank you to all those who came to say hi and who bought a copy of my book! I sold all my signed copies the last ones in the hotel bar at 2am! Hehe 🙂 Especially those that follow me on twitter and my blog – Scott (my new Twitter friend ) Helen and Babs X Also thanks to you Nick the coach driver 🙂 X

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BBC Radio Solent live interview MONDAY 26th Oct…

28 October 2009, 09:57:15

I’ll be on live from 2.30 pm and the interview will not be a discussion but rather a conversation with me about my life, my experiences, and my decision to write a book. The interview will last approximately 20 mins. It’s available on playback for those who missed it but I’m not sure how long for.

I hope you all enjoy 🙂 Please write any feedback on the interview here on my blog.

I really enjoyed my interview with Charlie. She was lovely and made me feel very welcome. I always find it awkward on radio interviews because they seem to cut you off suddenly which is frustrating when you are thinking of a couple of things you want to get into conversation. I was cut off before I had the chance to say 2 things firstly – that as much as I get on with guys (I have always had close male friends from a young age) I am also equally a girls girl and I think some ladies see me as some sort of femme fatale and husband stealer. The truth is I am very concious of other peoples feelings and certainly none of my friends have a problem with me being around their men. I am an extremely loyal person. I think it’s a common misconception that even in our personal lives escorts will target and flirt with any man regardless of who they are with. I would never date a married man or a man with a girlfriend.

And secondly (thankfully Charlie added this in after I had gone) escorting is not something I’d recommend young girls to get into. Maybe this confused people and maybe some thought it was hypocritical but here’s my reasoning – I consider myself very lucky to have spent 9 years in this profession and come out unscathed. It’s an extremely dangerous job to be in, not for the reasons you might necessarily think ie the risk of physical violence (that’s certainly never happened to me nor have I been anywhere close) but rather the risk of losing ones self respect and ending up on a slippery slope of alcoholism and/or drugs.

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Nottingham’s Mr Sex!

30 September 2009, 18:09:01

Last week I met a great guy Al Needham, Nottingham’s very own Mr Sex as he likes to be called :-/ I know it sounds a sleazy/cheesy name but he’s great fun and a very genuine and nice guy. The main editor of Left Lion (an edgy, controversial, popular, local magazine) James emailed me after I sent him a copy of my book suggesting I might like to take part in a free festival in Nottingham on the 3rd October. There they planned to have some readers and he suggested I joined forces with Nottinghams Mr Sex. I was apprehensive but it sounded interesting. Al has won an award for the best sex blog, his worthy prize being a big golden ‘todger’ for the mantle-piece :))) Check out his blog peeps it’s very funny and insightful…

As well as lots of live music and entertainment there will be a number of readings taking place and I will be talking with him on stage about my book on Saturday at the free festival in Nottingham at Canning Circus.

Al has also interviewed me for the November edition of Left Lion magazine… so keep a look out for that 🙂

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The Other Side

(TV link in this post)

30 September 2009, 13:54:04

For those of you that missed the programme you can now watch it here …

Thank you all for your feedback – there seems to be a common theme :))) some of the texts I’ve had are…

‘Just finished watching The Other Side thought you did really well. Carole Malone came across as a right b***h! Well done you!’

‘Just watched The Other Side, u came across really well. That Carole was a right b***h! And the monk was just odd! Well done honey!’

‘I have just seen The Other Side on video and you came across really well. Well done love! Can’t stand the mouthy blonde one! Good luck with everything’

‘Just watching now argh! That lady is annoying me, the presenter Tracey is a bit biased and that old frump on the couch! But you are coming across educated and calm. They are all very black and white apart from the priest on the right…’

‘Well done you looked ladylike and dignified and made your points clearly…’
I’ve had emails also from people I don’t know all very supportive and pretty much saying the same thing.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words XXXX

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