Being a woman today is all about being in touch with your sexual energy (which we all have), known as the Divine Feminine, and utilising it’s power. It is the most powerful energy we have and when we hone that our life and relationships are transformed in the most magnificent way.

Gone are the days where sex is something to be shameful about if you enjoy it as a woman, today we should all embrace our sexuality in a way that demands respect, and enjoy sex in a healthy, mutually satisfying way.

Good sex is all about being in tune with your partner and communicating your needs, listening to theirs, whilst exploring each other’s bodies and savouring every moment.

Sometimes it’s that lustful spontaneity and raw sexual energy that satisfies, other times it’s that slow build up and extended foreplay building anticipation that stimulates and excites.

My next class is in Nottingham on Friday April the 27th so if you’re a woman looking to feel empowered in the bedroom then contact me for details of this event. I can also give you advice on toys for masturbation, if you contact me via email or my enquiry form. I would be happy to help.


Here’s my 5 Top Tips to Feel Empowered in the Bedroom

  1. Take control. It’s a huge turn on for your partner, and hugely empowering for you. Spontaneity and catching them off guard will make you feel even more empowered. If you dare tie them up and use a blindfold to really get both of your juices going!
  2. Communicate your sexual desires, and fantasies, if you have any. It can be very arousing and an exciting part of foreplay. Being assertive to communicate what you like means your sexual partner knows how to turn you on and get you off. It’s a win win!
  3. Masturbate. Knowing your own body is key to being able to guide your lover. Experiment with erotic literature, kink and toys and find out what works for you. Let yourself go, touch yourself, and allow yourself to feel the pleasure that you deserve.
  4. Wear lingerie and clothing that make you feel empowered. Whether it’s a pair of killer stilettos, a sexy basque or stockings, all of the above, or maybe you want to dress up in leather or rubber dominatrix style…? Knowing you feel confident will ensure you get the most out of your sexy time.
  5. Yes orgasms are amazing however don’t make them the goal, otherwise you will be so focussed on the destination you won’t enjoy the ride. Your goal should be to be present and savour every moment and every sensation, with orgasm being a bonus, if it happens.

Sexual transmutation