This weeks Closer reports that defiant Jordan won’t be single for long as she is texting a series of men to boost her confidence.

Naturally Katie is still angry and bitter about the betrayal of her husband and ‘best friend’ however whilst she is feeling these feelings and seeking ‘revenge’ all her energy is negative and focused on them.

The only way to change our life is to do things differently.

Einstein famously defined insanity, as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Katie has the same pattern with men jumping from one to another intense relationship quickly, the new relationships are always started whilst she is feeling bitterness towards her most recent ex.

If Katie chose to try something different this time, and focused on finding confidence and empowerment from within rather than putting her power in the hands of other men, she would then allow herself to build confidence in abundance and in turn would break her cycle and attract a different type of man.

When you start a relationship without harbouring negative feelings towards an ex, and negative emotional baggage you attract healthier relationships.

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