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Pol and Chanelle

These pair seemed to hit it off on the wrong foot from the start. Pol although a very attractive, hunky lad, came across as someone who takes himself far too seriously. Chanelle is a stunning girl who likes to have fun and banter. She came out with the “potato” said in a Leigh Francis – Keith Lemon Irish stylee (standard 🙂 but it didn’t go down well with Pol, and I think it may have got his back up very early on. He didn’t seem to ‘get’ her jokes and humour, so there wasn’t an opportunity for them to build rapport and a connection. Although there initially was a mutual physical attraction it very soon dwindled.

After their date : Pol said Chanelle was intriguing kept him guessing all the time. Chanelle told the girls she had a really good date.

I think once Chanelle realised that she hadn’t connected with him and wasn’t interested she just thought ‘sod it I’m going to have some fun’. What happened then it seemed was that they were both playing the ‘hard to get’ game, with Chanelle starting initially.

Pol was shunned when he bravely said to Chanelle that he wanted to kiss her and she turned away. This would have been awkward and embarrassing for him and a big knock for anyones ego. Chanelle kept walking off and he kept following, which I suspect now he regrets watching it back, as he seemed embarrassed on TMOTG, but everyone was tipsy and caught up in the moment.

In the club after Chanelle may have been acting up a little for some attention, but so what? She’s a gorgeous, party girl and wanted to have some fun.

Pol then followed in playing hard to get (which may have had a better effect if he’d done it from the start) however it seemed to work because Chanelle did stop in his hotel room.

Interesting that Chanelle said she didn’t chase, but still ended up back at Pols! ‘Hard to get’ does work – but often it means that when a couple gets together and one of them has been playing hard to get that the relationship doesn’t last – as you’re starting a relationship based on a ‘game’ – so be prepared for that person to be no longer interested once they ‘have you’ so to speak, because if there’s no more games, they often lose interest.  

On TMO The Gossip watching everything back I think they both felt really pissed off. Pol feeling that his ego had been wounded hinted that he and Chanelle ‘might’ have played around, but it came across that he wasn’t sincere. It’s a shame they didn’t get on, but I wish them both the best of luck!


Chris and Nadia

Here was another attractive couple that didn’t seem to connect.

During their date on a boat Chris asked Nadia to sit on his knee and she said no. I think Chris wanted to make an effort from the start and get quite tactile with her, but Nadia is someone that seemed to want to suss people out first and take her time. So sitting on his knee may have been a bit full on for her. I also think she was doubting whether he was genuine, which may have been a factor holding her back initially.

From the short clip it looked like Chris tried to hard to connect with her, and it was coming across as insincere, which in my opinion is the key thing that prevented them both from connecting.

There was definitely an element of Nadia being wary of him, being a night-club promoter and she mentioned his ‘ego’. She probably came across colder than she intended because she didn’t want to pander to his ego and be one of the many girls that fell for his charms, however in doing so she was building a big brick wall. The more he tried the more she became disinterested.

He had his hands all over her in the nightclub after but her body language is one of discomfort, moving her hips away from him to avoid full body contact.

I think she was looking to be proved right – that he wasn’t sincere. When he was drunk he said that she ‘was worth the graft’, however he then said afterwards that she wasn’t good looking enough to put that much hard work in. So his opinion changed, but probably when he realized there was no hope, to try and save face.

Nadia said she was trying the ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ however this usually works when the person being treated mean lacks confidence and is in awe of the other person, however Chris is a confident, good looking man, and although he fancied Nadine, because she was being distant from him, there was no connection, so it didn’t work.

I think Nadia is quite wary of men in general and has probably been hurt badly in the past (like most of us have) and maybe this contributed to her avoidance of connection with Chris – however picking a night-club promoter probably wasn’t the best choice for her.

When Chris realized he wasn’t getting anywhere he said his plan was to get ‘as smashed as possible’ which is an immature thing to say but it would have been to try and get over the knock to his ego after being rejected.

I think they were both nice people and both are clearly very attractive so I am confident neither will be single for long.


Oli and William & Meggan and Henry

These boys and girls are adorable. This is what the show is all about. The twins didn’t take themselves seriously and just wanted to have fun, and so did the girls. The girls were disappointed that one of them didn’t get both guys!

Oli and William spent lots of time snogging but Meggan and Henry just had a little kiss. Henry admitted he likes to play it cool. Henry stayed with Oli and Meggan stayed with Will. They are all going to keep in touch and are willing to travel. I think the distance and their young age will mean that nothing long term comes from their dates, but they will definitely have more fun if they meet up again.

Just keep doing what you’re doing guys!

I wish them all the best of luck.