Contrary to popular belief there is no age limit for escorting. As long as you look after yourself and take pride in your appearance you can work as long as you are physically able.

The difference is that most men who see older escorts will usually see them for short appointments on an incall rather than taking them out and wining and dining them.

There is still a stigma about people enjoying sex and being open about it, especially older people.

Why is this? Sex is a basic human function and we are now in an age where we shouldn’t feel shame for having a healthy sex life.

I think it’s great that these mature escorts have stepped forwards and opened up their lives to educate others.

Sure they will be judged, but everyone that enjoys sex whether they are in the sex industry or not, is judged.

I think hats off to them! Everyone’s a winner the ladies enjoy the sex and get paid for it, and the guys enjoy the sex.

There will be many envious ladies that wish they had the balls to sell sex for a living.

 If you’re considering becoming a mature escort you might want to ponder these things:

  1. What are the repercussions of your family finding out?
  2. Are you prepared for people cutting you out of their life?
  3. What services will you offer?
  4. What safety precautions will you take?
  5. How will you handle a client that over steps the boundaries?
  6. Will you confide in a friend or someone?
  7. Will you offer only incalls or outcalls to hotels?
  8. Why do you want to become an escort?
  9. What will you charge?
  10. Will you work for yourself or through an agency?


As long as it’s something you think you will enjoy and your of sound mind, without any addictions or mental heath problems, then working as an escort may be something you want to consider.

 If you need any advice please do get in touch!