Towie Couple Harry Derbidge and Bobby Norris put their troubles behind them reports the Daily Mail

Harry and Bobby are taking things slowly after Harry admitted to cheating with his ex.

Moving on from infidelity is one of the hardest challenges, because once trust is broken it is very hard to mend.

Some of the negative emotions that are a byproduct of infidelity are paranoia, insecurity, jealousy and anger, along with a knock to ones confidence and self belief.

Looking at the photos of them both although they appear to be all smiles, their body language tells a different story.

Currently there is no sexual desire as they both keep their distance from the other. Pelvises touching and facing shows a sexual connection. There is no synergy in their body language they are not mirroring each others walks, or any gestures. This shows that currently they are not connected.

These 2 are keeping up appearances for the paps, but their body language gives their true feelings away. Hopefully they will sort things out one way or the other without too much heartache. In my opinion I don’t think they can go the distance, I think Bobby’s ready to settle down and feel that long term security, however Harry isn’t, he’s enjoying the spot light and lifestyle that Towie is offering him and why not, these boys are still young with plenty of time to settle down.