So why do Dancing On Ice and Strictly Come Dancing Stars end up in relationships with their dance partners?

With Latin American dances like Mambo, which is sensual and emotional, Cha Cha that’s lively and flirtatious and full of passion and energy, the sensual, powerful Tango, and the romantic, sensual Rumba, it’s hardly surprising that sparks fly between dancing partners.

In fact for the performances to be believed, and the high scores achieved, like actors, the performers have to fully immerse themselves in their role, and for these dances or dances inspired by them, it is the roll of a lover.

Many famous actors and actresses have fallen in love through playing roles as lovers; Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in the 80’s film Swing Shift, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton famously met on Cleopatra and more recently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got together on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

In ice skating many of the dances and performances are inspired by ballroom dancing. However with any type of dancing with a partner connection and rapport are essential.

In both shows the couples are spending so much time together, in fact they spend more waking hours with their dance partner than they do with their own partner or spouse. This inevitably may cause a strain on anyone in a relationship.

It’s extremely intense. Very quickly mutual respect is gained between couples. They are forming a strong bond over learning routines.

There are not many situations in day-to-day life when you get as close and intimate to someone unless it is an actual lover or partner. Often on both shows there are times when partners are crotch-to-crotch ensuring direct physical contact in their most intimate areas.

It’s inevitable that this combined with physical attraction there is a high risk of romantic relationships being created.

Relationships formed from one of these shows will have strong foundations but there is always the risk that with the dancer it could happen again when the contestants arrive for the next series.