Did Kym break any girl code?

The Daily Mail reports: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2614230/Kym-Marsh-hits-claims-relationship-Stephanie-Warings-ex-devastated-Hollyoaks-star-brands-heartless.html

I’m unsure if they were friends of acquaintances. Saying hi to each other at celeb parties and sending the odd text message isn’t what constitutes a friendship.

So what level, if any, of friendship is it ok to date their ex?

I think both parties should respect each other and at spend at least 2-3 months keeping a low profile if they feel a strong desire and connection for a friends ex. A true friend will put their friends feelings above their own during difficult times, so if you’re desiring their ex at this point, it doesn’t show good form, or integrity.

Once your friend is over their ex, if you still feel desire then the decent thing is to speak to them and explain how you feel. A true friend, will want you both to be happy, no matter how hard it is for them. Sensitivity is needed. Who should stand in the way of true love? There is no right or wronghere each persons situation is different, however….

10 Things to consider before dating a friends ex:

  1. How much do you value their friendship?
  2. If you had to make a choice out of your friend and their ex; who would you pick?
  3. Are they on the rebound?
  4. How would you feel if the roles were reversed?
  5. Did their family and friends really like your friend?
  6. How will this affect your relationship with them?
  7. If you knew that it wouldn’t last would you still make the same decision?
  8. Does it bother you being judged and do you care what others think?
  9. Are they more appealing because it’s considered a ‘bit naughty’?
  10. Who else will be affected by your decision?

If you face a similar dilemma please,  do get in touch so we can work out the best way forward for you…