Recently I made myself familiar with the Celebs Go Dating series, and it got me thinking about what my top tips for dating would be based on the recent series. There’s so many, however here are 5 of my top tips…

  • Always be present. Don’t be thinking about if you are meeting your life partner, or if you are going to have sex with your date (this always reads on your face). Ultimately thinking ahead, even unconsciously, will mean you either end up wracked with nerves, or you end up ruling your date out before you have given them a chance to show you their personality.
  • Do DHV (as they say in the ‘Pick Up’ world. Demonstrate higher value, however be humble. It’s more slipping into conversation, comments that will intrigue and interest your date. For example, “I go and see my nan every Sunday, and take her shopping”, shows a caring personality. “I’m so pleased I got on the property ladder when I did, as I’ve been able to afford a nice house.” Shows you have the stability of your own home, and a nice one too! “working for myself I have the flexibility to go on holiday whenever I like”, shows a well-travelled successful person.
  • Listen and show an interest. Many of my clients worry about what to say, and I say if you’re asking the questions you don’t need to be worrying about what to say. Let them do the talking, and share information about yourself accordingly. Don’t feel you have to come up with anything fancy, it could be favourite TV, films, travel destination, pastime or hobby.
  • Be polite to everyone you meet on your date, from the cab driver, to the waiter. It’s another DHV, showing that you are a good communicator and are sociable and likeable. Get them onside. Bring them into your conversations about your journey, your date, the food. Everyone likes a person who can get along with everyone and make everyone feel special.
  • Avoid talking negatively about ex’s, family members or friends. It’s just not cool. It says more about you than it does them. Keep conversation light-hearted, fun and try to find common interests, as that’s how you build rapport. If you can banter with a person on a similar level, then it’s very powerful for building physical attraction. Again, everyone loves someone that they can have a laugh and have fun with, it’s one of the top traits that attract women – humour.

Dating Tips