Infidelity Expert Rebecca Dakin expresses her views on the Jeremy Clarkson affair scandal reported in the Daily Mirror

So the latest celebrity Jeremy Clarkson is reported for cheating with his wife of 18 years. Is this a shock? Not to me. Do I think any less of him? No. I will certainly still be watching the only ‘girl friendly’ car show that is – Top Gear.

Having worked as an escort for 10 years it’s a tale I have heard many times; that guys get lonely when they travel. Probably even more so if they are in a long term marriage; where they are more like ‘friends’ or business acquaintances’ than husband and wife. Where that initial lust and sexual attraction may have faded on both sides. This in my opinion makes people crave intimacy more.

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Husbands booking escorts… is it straying?

I had an interesting conversation with a guy in the escort business the other day. I was discussing my new book 'Why Husbands Stray', and he said to me 'well it's not straying' meaning guys booking escorts, and his reason was because it wasn't an affair! His views are...

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Why men cheat…

The first thing I want to say is… women cheat too! Ok? I knew you were thinking it ;-p I don’t know or care who cheats more, there’s many cheaters in both sexes.

The reason my new book is titled Why Men Cheat, and NOT Why Women or People Cheat (as some people suggested), is because my experience as an escort for ten years meant that I dated hundreds of men many of whom were married or in relationships, so my personal experience is with cheating men.

I keep changing the name for this book, I still don’t know if Why Husbands Stray is a better title than Why Men Cheat… if anyone has any thoughts please email.

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Serial cheaters…

I had an amusing encounter with someone at the weekend that is a serial cheater. He would have been great material for my book, but sadly I couldn’t get anything of use out of him.

What was interesting is that I could spot him as a cheater a mile off, yet he thought he was hiding it well. After dating hundreds of men as an escort I know they are easy to spot. And I can sniff out BS a mile off ;-p

It transpired that he was incredibly insecure. And this is quite normal for cheaters. He said someone had cheated on him when he was 16 and he hadn’t been faithful since.

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