The dreaded ‘friend’ trap

I hear this dilemma from so many guys in my coaching, so I’m going to endeavor to give you some tips here. To avoid getting into the ‘friend trap’ down the line you must when you meet a woman (whether she has a partner or not) express your interest in her initially...

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When you approach a woman…

Women hate to be put on the spot or to feel that they can’t get away.  You want to leave her with a short powerful impression so that she is left intrigued. You also want to let her know that you fancy her, so you say “anyway I have to dash, great meeting you, I had...

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Infidelity Expert Rebecca Dakin expresses her views on the Jeremy Clarkson affair scandal reported in the Daily Mirror

So the latest celebrity Jeremy Clarkson is reported for cheating with his wife of 18 years. Is this a shock? Not to me. Do I think any less of him? No. I will certainly still be watching the only ‘girl friendly’ car show that is – Top Gear.

Having worked as an escort for 10 years it’s a tale I have heard many times; that guys get lonely when they travel. Probably even more so if they are in a long term marriage; where they are more like ‘friends’ or business acquaintances’ than husband and wife. Where that initial lust and sexual attraction may have faded on both sides. This in my opinion makes people crave intimacy more.

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